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the Quest goes on

3DS max 2011 (64bit)
Poser 2010 (64bit)
vray 2.0 (64bit)
Photo shop cs5 (64bit)

Dark Asylum Radio
sum new artwork for the facebook group that now has 17,680 fans on it!


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Garrick Lysandros, Hajar of Kythos and Commander of the Maju

sumthing i been working on for a book!
Garrick Lysandros, Hajar of Kythos and Commander of the Maju
age in the original description, he sould be early 40s.... he also needs a bit more ruggedness to him . this can be done in the postwork for the finished item! with photoshop
more mean looking
eyes are darker too
full lips, feline grace, fierce yet handsome

and here the updated file after few hrs of work!

My Life Changes
i was just thinking...

4 years ago i would never see myself in the place i am now!
my point is...did any of you get to where you thought you would be in 10 years time? or did life play with you...and gave you a different future\present?

Well this how it started Back in jan 2011, very basic, as i was new two vray and 4CD

this update that still running as we speak! been running for 25 hrs rendering
mind you i do have it at crazy rez 2160*1440
moved two 3dsmax 2010 and vray 1.5

The Love Of The Keeper
The Love Of The Keeper
Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art VRAY 1.5 SP5
3DS MAX 2011
The Metropolitan Collection - Rio for V4.2
Night World Fallen

Dark Asylums Dark Angel

New and improved with Poser Pro 2010
When it comes to products, newer doesn't always mean better. Just ask a new Toyota owner or pretty much anyone who upgraded from Windows XP to Vista a while back. That's why it's great to see and hear about the differences in products from users.

Kevin Gahan was one of the winners of Poser Pro 2010 in our "I'm a Poser" contest. Check out his entry below, made with Poser 8.


The house of Noisuf-X

The Breakfast Club

Poser pro 2010
3ds max 2011 (64bit)

The Metropolitan Collection - Rio for V4.2

there are two versions here first i trying get more flesh artistic realism , i very much beginner in this field,
and have much to learn

Dinner any one? poser pro 2010

poser pro 2010
3ds max

i wanted make a 3d version of Dinner any one?

the 2d version can be seen here



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