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11 March
Vatican City State (Holy See)
Interests: (44)
3dsmax, ain, ancient latin, animation, archery, armour, assasination, biology, boardgames, books, boots, cardtricks, chocolate, churches, computers, cosmology, discordia, evolution, flash, gothic women, illustration, intelligent people, kendo, knaked mx, latex, linguistics, literature, lrp, movies, mythology, photoshop, playstation2, rpgs, sailing, sci-fi/fantasy, skinjob, swordfighting, swords, the culture, tolkien, vodka, warhammer 40k., web design, wolves
art, music, yoga, meditation, goths & interesting intelligent people, boots, latex, books, movies,cats,autumn,lakes,woods in winter,Norway,faery tales,art,marble statues,cemeteries,roses,Shakespeare,theatre,archaeology,velvet,candles,absinthe,vampires,literature,rain,churches,ancient Latin, genitorturers + icon of coil + vnv nation + tura + icon of coil + jack off jill + marilyn manson + him + apoptygma berzerk + velvet acid christ + vnv nation + kidney thieves + delerium + the start + skinny puppy + queen adreena + veruca salt + rachel stamp + misfits + o r g y + placebo + godhead + human waste project + nine inch nails + covenant + atari teenage riot + murderdolls + london after midnight + switchblade symthony + stabbing westward + alec empire + hicico + project pitchfork + prodigy + lords of acid + madonna + god module + fischerspooner + das ich + neuroticfish
Favourite hangouts: Slimelight, The Purple Turtle, #uk_goffs, The Archway, Camden Market,, The Comedy Store. Formerly: Warehouse, A-Spire, Cabbage, Templehead, Q Club, Route 66, Rock City. crackers

Year 1692 compliant!
Nuclear free website!
Stay out of the water! No lifeguard on duty.
No animals allowed -- seeing eye parrots excepted.
Unattended children will be towed at owner's expense.
Save the Whales -- Collect the Entire Set!
... another smooth escape disguised as a dramatic exit!!

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